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Where to Start in Forming a Consortium

Where to start in forming a consortium April 8, 2021 Loosely defined, a consortium is an alliance of two or more organizations that share a common objective and have an interest in pooling resources.  By itself, a consortium is not a legal entity but is materialized...

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Approaching your Payor

approaching your payor February 23, 2021 Stories of “sky-high ambulance” prices, in-network versus out-of-network providers, surprise medical bills, and patient balance billing have increasingly headlined the national, state, and local news for the past few years. In...

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Personnel Supply and Demand

Personnel supply and demand January 21, 2021 Human Resources are the bedrock of healthcare and air medical services, and when personnel shortages arise, they can create obstacles to maintaining efficient and effective service. The mission profile of your air medical...

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ADM to Traditional

Check out our case study on an air medical program that went from an Alternative Delivery Model (ADM) to Traditional in a matter of months.